Technical Details


The property is self-reliant for all water with no requirement to purchase “town water”. The property benefits from a huge 24,000 gallon cistern that is situated in-ground beneath the property and collects rainwater from the roof. This water is used for all domestic purposes in the house – all sinks, toilets and showers etc are served with this water which is particularly soft and therefore the property has no issues with limescale. This water is also utilized for topping up the pool water (having such a large cistern means there is always capacity to enable this rather than utilizing well water or town water).

In addition, there is a deep well within the curtilage of the property and this water is utilized for irrigation etc. There are several outdoor taps – some with access to the cistern water and others fed from the well water.

There is a self-digesting septic system which deals with all waste from the property. This requires very little maintenance and should never require emptying if treated correctly.


All grey water from sinks and showers etc go to various soakaways. There are drainage channels throughout the garden taking the water down towards the beach area where it can then soak away. Any excess beach water or water coming over the tiled beach wall drains back through drainage pipes directly from the beach underneath the sea wall and back into the sea.

The cistern also incorporates two 4” overflow pipes than run directly to the sea in the event that heavy rainfall should cause the cistern to overflow. The overflow capacity is far in excess of the inflow capacity. The pool patio is slightly angled to ensure any excess water is directed towards the beach. All patios also have a fall to ensure that any rainwater is directed away from the house.


There is a gas storage tank situated at the side of the property just outside the side entrance to the garage. The gas powers the instantaneous hot water heater for the domestic hot water. This is readily refilled by the gas trucks that drive past regularly.


The system has several cameras fitted throughout the property which are full colour and infra-red and record constantly to a HD recorder situated in the study. The CCTV pictures can be viewed remotely (with a fixed IP address) or can be viewed on the dedicated monitor in the study or the TV in the front lounge.


The property is fitted with a full wireless alarm system with various sensors around the property that can be monitored and operated via mobile phone (with an appropriate sim card fitted to the alarm control panel). There is also a remote key fob for activating and deactivating the alarm. The alarm sounder is situated in the front lounge but the control box is in the study.

Music System

There is an amplifier and CD player in the front lounge which allows music to be played throughout the house through the various wall mounted speakers. There is also a switcher box installed so that speakers can be turned on and off individually. This system also allows for iPods, iPhones and other similar devices to be connected using an auxiliary cable.


The property currently benefits from 8MB internet connection which suffices for all TV streaming needs. The main router comes into the property in the study so that the main PCs are hard wired but there is also a sub-router in the kitchen area which ensures that the wireless signal is accessible throughout the property including the roof terraces and as far as the end of the boat dock.

Hurricane Shutters

The property benefits from a full set of bespoke external corrugated aluminum hurricane shutters that can be bolted into place to protect the glazed external doors and all rear facing windows as well as all windows in the cupola. The remaining side and front windows all benefit from decorative steel opening “burglar bars” which are designed to ensure that, in the event of high winds, coconuts, and other such large debris, are unable to pass between the bars.

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